RV Dealer Lending and Financing

ProfitSystem has partnered with D and G Dealer Services to provide RV dealers with a “One Stop Shop” program to better service their customers while driving more profit back to the store.


Open 6 days a week to better serve our dealers and their customers.Working from 8:30 AM until 10:30 PM to accommodate customer’s hectic schedules

Customer Focused

Time saver for key personnel and owner allowing more time to focus on sales and service.Easy and fast turn-around on customer applications for greater customer satisfaction.

Streamline Process 

Eliminating added dealer fixed cost and overhead for down employee time.  Full-service commitment for on-site shows and open houses when available.

Titling Service

Major lenders for local, regional and nationwide financing opportunities. DMV processes and paperwork are complex. The differences between state regulations are often subtle, yet always absolute. This is where D&G makes the complex simple.

Dedicated Support

Over 80 years combined RV and F&I experience.  Compliance Issues reviewed and monitored for ongoing support. Additionally, We’re open 6 days a week to better serve our dealers and their customers.

Power Of Partnership

Take the first step to making your life a little easier, close more deals, increase back end sales and receive excellent service.

Contact Us by email or phone to find out how you can create more profit today!