About Us

What we do
Provide superior product providers while offering F&I products and solutions focused on enhancing your profitability and customer satisfaction. Creating income generating opportunities from past, present and future customers with innovative ideas.
What sets up apart
At ProfitSystem we understand that your business was profitable long before we met.
Often servicing agencies try to impose their will stating “our way works”.  In business we know that you can’t cookie cut dealerships. Every store has its own way of doing business and not recognizing that can be detrimental to its long term growth. Our goal has always been to compliment your vision and to enhance the ideals you have for your dealership. We will work to increase your profits while keeping your business model in tack.
2009 Largest increase in RV ‘New Business” with XtraRide
2010 Protective Presidents Cup
2011 Protective Presidents Cup
2012 Protective Presidents Cup
2013 Protective Presidents Cup
2014 Protective Presidents Cup
2015 Protective Presidents Cup
ProfitSystem is only as strong as its successful dealer base. We would like to say “Thank you” to the dealerships that have allowed us to service their needs.